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Coaxially Oriented Beam-Resonator Aggrangement (COBRA) Fourier Transform-Microwave (FTMW) Spectrometer.

Scanning Probe-Microwave (SP-MW) Microscope.

I/Q­Modulated Passage-Acquired­Coherence Technique (IMPACT) FTMW-Spectrometer.

 Wideband-I/Q­Modulated Passage-Acquired­Coherence Technique (WIDE-IMPACT) FTMW-Spectrometer.

Two-dimensional-FTMW-detection-IR-millimeterwave (2D-FTMW-IR-mmW) triple-resonance Spectrometer".

LASER-ablation, DC-discharge, heated, fast-mixing, and standard pulsed supersonic-jet expansion sources


Experiments: Combination of state-of-the-art highest-resolution and broadband time-domain FT-microwave coherence spectroscopy techniques with a variety of supersonic expansion sources for the investigation of structure and dynamics of clusters, astrochemical and atmospheric compounds as well as small bio-molecules including their adducts to solvent molecules.